How is Montagu working with other agencies to support children?

How the school involves other bodies, including health and social care bodies, local authority support services and voluntary sector organisations, in meeting children and young people’s SEN and supporting their families.

How will Montagu Academy work with other agencies to support my child?

  • We have close links with professional agencies and work closely with them to support our children These include:-
    • School Nursing
    • Health Visiting Service
    • Mexborough Children’s Centre
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Educational Psychology Service
    • Specialist teacher for children on the Autism spectrum
    • Hearing and Visual Impairment Team
    • Physiotherapy
    • Speech and Language Therapy
    • Bentley PLC - behaviour
  • Children can be referred following SEND meetings or by recommendation by other agencies.
  • Montagu Academy has a Family Support Coordinator who can support families with wider needs.
  • WCAT has a designated SEND Advisor who works closely with school to develop the provision for children with SEND
  • The local authority provide support and training for staff and regularly evaluate provision.
  • The SEND Leader liaises closely with other schools in Mexborough and with other WCAT academies.

Arrangements for handling complaints from parents of children with SEN about the provision made at the school. The above should include arrangements for supporting children and young people who are looked after by the local authority and have SEN.

How will Monatgu Academy support a Child in Care who has SEND?

Arrangements for children who are looked after by the local authority and have SEND

  • Six monthly Child in Care Review meetings
  • Termly PEP meetings
  • SEND Support Plans if appropriate
  • Social and Emotional support through Learning Mentors
  • Annual, Statement Reviews, where appropriate
  • An extra programme of transition to Secondary School.
  • Use of Pupil Premium Plus to support learning.