How does the school identify children with a special need or disability?

What should I do if I am concerned about my child?

Under the 2015 special Educational Needs and Disabilities Code of Practice a child has  special educational need or disability if:

a. He/she has a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of children his/her age.

b. He/she has a disability, which prevents or hinders him/her from making use of education facilities of a kind generally provided in schools within the area of the LA concerned, for children of his/her age.

c. He/she is under the age of five years and is, or would be if special education provision were not made for him/her likely to fall within paragraph (a) or (b) when over that age.

The SEND leader is responsible co-ordinating the identification and support.

  • Parents, Carers, Teachers, Health Professionals and other agencies share concerns with the SEND Leader.
  • The SEND Leader organises a meeting with parents, carers, teachers and other professionals to discuss your child’s needs and create a support plan.
  • The SEND Leader observes in class and highlights strategies to develop learning.
  • Highly personalised targets are set for each term.
  • Children discuss their needs, feelings and wishes with their Teacher or Classroom Professional.
  • It may be appropriate to make a referral to another agency. These include:
    • Health Visitors.
    • School Nursing Service.
    • Speech and Language Therapy.
    • Occupational Therapy.
    • Physiotherapy.
    • Child and Young Person’s Mental Health Service.
    • Educational Psychology Service


The SEND support plan is reviewed termly with parents and children.

Key Staff

Joanna Bond - SEND Leader
Judith Astwood – Deputy Headteacher – Pastoral support
Jordan Howard – Behaviour Support Coordinator
Brent Annable – SEND Teaching Assistant
Bethany Chapple – SEND Teaching Assistant
Catherine Clemitshaw – SEND Teaching Assistant
Kathryn Pearson – SEND Teaching Assistant
Jane Mills – SEND Teaching Assistant
Sharon Newrick – Learning Mentor
Claire Sylvester – Learning Mentor
Lisa Maisey – Family Support Coordinator