Space Project

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This week, as part of their space project, Year 5 had a visit from the mobile planetarium. This provided the children with an experience they will never forget! The children explored what life is like in space for astronauts, how developments have been enhanced by learning from ‘near misses’ and how developments in technologies and materials in space now have practical uses on Earth such as Velcro. The children also had an opportunity to explore the universe and asked some great questions demonstrating their learning over the half term. The children were encouraged to ‘set their eyes on the stars’ for their futures.

On Thursday, children in Year 5 shared their space projects with parents in a special assembly. Each group were allocated time to present their projects.

Another parent’s assembly will take place after the half term break. Following this, the incredible work produced during the project will be put on display for all to admire. Well done Year 5!