What are the arrangements for assessing and reviewing children and young people’s progress towards outcomes?

How will my child be involved in their own support and development?

It is vital that all children are fully involved in planning and evaluating their own progress.

  • Children are involved in target setting, marking and feedback as part of quality first teaching.
  • Children will work with an adult to complete a One Page Profile outlining their achievements and how they like to learn and be supported.
  • Children review their targets and are involved in the setting of new targets.
  • Children have input at Annual Review meetings.
  • Children have input SEND support plan meetings to review their targets.

How will my child’s progress be assessed?

Quality First Teaching

All children’s progress is assessed through marking and feedback in each lesson.

This informs short term planning.

Teachers discuss children’s progress with senior leaders as part of pupil progress meetings.

Teachers assess children’s writing in detail regularly.

Regular book scrutiny and lesson observations will be carried out by the SEND Leader and Julie Day the SEND Leader for Wakefield City Academy Trust and other members of the Senior Leadership Team, this will take place to ensure that the needs of all children are met and that the quality of teaching and learning is good.

Additional Provision

All interventions are planned on a Class Provision Map which is reviewed when planning further support.

Children with SEND will have a portfolio which will include:

  • A one page profile completed by the child outlining their needs and preferred methods of support.
  • Individual Targets
  • Records of observations and advice
  • Advice from other agencies.
  • Samples of work that demonstrate progress.